Yep, it was just that good, that we created a tornado with these images.  Haha!  If only I were that epic!  But seriously, it was a beautiful day all day, then around session time, the clouds started rolling in.  No bid deal, overcast is great!  But then those clouds were turning black…not gray, BACK, and they were booking!  I was waiting for my family to arrive just watching this wall o’ darkness and despair descend upon our location.  I’m praying to the weather gods, and texting the minute by minute to my family who were on the way.

They arrive and we get right to work….No small talk….down to business.  We gotta beat this thing.  It all went swimmingly.  Family, perfect!  kids, perfect.!  awesome session, achieved! could have done without the mosquitoes, but it was like a billion percent humidity, and ya know, doom approaching.

So as soon a we end our session, and I mean as soon as we end our session, the rain starts.  (thank you weather gods)  Then not a few minutes later, the tornado sirens start blaring and the rain DUMPS.  Super fun!  My poor husband, who could have made it home before the rain started, but was letting our kids play at a fast food joint was on his motorcycle, and had to drive home during the sky flood and massive winds.  Sorry babe!

So this session will always be tornado session to me.  It was a fun one.