As a full service photographer, I strive to offer a unique and memorable service to my wonderful clients.   I want you to connect with your images, and connect to the art.  If you cannot connect to it, how will you value it?  In my photo sessions, I often encourage families to ignore me, stop looking at the camera,  and interact with each other.  I want you to make eye contact, talk to each other, listen to each other, touch each other, even smell can create true emotion. (The smell of your baby’s head, the smell of your spouses perfume or cologne.)  Using all the senses helps create real connections to each other, and THOSE are the best photographs!



This got me thinking about how I present session galleries to my clients. Seeing them on a computer screen is ok and easy, sure. Nothing wrong with it.  But, I do think we have become a bit desensitized to photographs in this way.  We stare at pixels, not photographs.  We lose the connection we get with touching a tangible item. Nothing compares to the real thing.  And since I am in the business of creating beautiful photographic art, not pixels, I thought maybe that’s what you should see, what you should HOLD when making you art selections.  Think about it this way…When you shop online, you may find something you love, but when you get it in the mail and open it, and see it in real life, and hold it, how much better is that?!! It’s even better in person right?  Trust me, the same thing is true of photographs.  Seeing them on your phone screen is fun, but holding them in your hand or hanging them on your wall is the creme de la creme! 2015-10-02_0001  So, I will be giving something new a try, and I hope my clients love it.  At your reveal and order session, after your slideshow, I will present you with matted 8×10 proofs.  You can hold them, sort them into piles, spread them out, and soak up all that emotion. And, since we all love instant gratification, you can even take some favorites home that very same day if you want.  This is what full service photography is all about.