Style Inspiration

Choosing outfits for your photo session is often times the most frustrating part.   Read on for some tips, or skip right to my pinterest style board linked at the end of all my babbling.  😉

I am a big fan of earthy neutrals and creams (not bright white so much) I also really love soft subtle pastels.

What you wear can really have an impact on the overall look of your session.  And often times the location can play an important role in deciding what to wear.  For instance, shooting in a beautiful field with tall wispy grass you might choose to wear earthy neutrals, creams or subtle muted colors to match the feel of your surroundings.  If shooting in a grassy park, maybe fun colors would compliment your fun and vibrant surroundings. Shooting at the beach might call for a light and airy color palette.  Maybe soft pastels.

Style is so highly personal, so I never tell a client what to wear, but I do have some advice and tips that I think are very helpful in deciding. And I also have some style and color inspiration that can be found on my pinterest board below.


-No need to match exactly. Coordination is KEY.  Choose 3 coordinating colors to mix and match. Add interest like texture and patterns.

-Avoid White and Black.  Sometimes this rule can be broken, but generally it’s best to stick to cream/off white, and grey tones rather than stark white or black.

-Avoid Logo and character clothing.  I know, your child LOVES  his/her  favorite superhero or princess, but they don’t need to be in the session.  They are distracting.   We want the photos to be about you and your beautiful family, not the character, logo, or lettering on his/her clothing.

-If your little girl is still in diapers and will be wearing a dress or skirt, try to find a matching diaper cover, that way if it shows in a shot or two, it will look like part of the outfit rather than a diaper.