Lifestyle newborns…My Favorite type of newborn session.  I love that new mamas don’t need to worry about getting out of the house in those very very early days.  When I was a new mom, with both my kids, the last thing I wanted to do was leave the house that early on.  I remember my first outing after my second was born.  I was an emotional wreck…And scared, even though I had been through all this before.

Allowing new mom and baby, and siblings for that matter to be in their own space, and their own familiarity is so nice.  It makes for a stress free session. I also love that there is more family interaction, and baby being held more.

This session was one of my favorites.  I adore the color tones, and we were really able to just take our time, and let baby lead.  Let’s face it, baby is boss, so I work on their time.

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