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Hi there! My name is Shanna.  I am a family and child photographer in the South Bend/Granger area in Indiana. I moved to Michiana in 2011 with my husband.  Photography has always been an important part of my life, and a hobby I have always enjoyed growing up. It wasn’t until we were expecting our first child that I discovered my direction, and passion for photographing little ones, and families. It started with me taking self portraits of every step of my pregnancy. I knew that once my daughter was born I would be obsessed with photographing every little detail, and milestone, (and I am.)

As a parent I know how important it is to capture and preserve those fleeting moments, and I wanted to use my talent to preserve those memories for others in professional photographs.  I am truly passionate about preserving images for the generations.  I don’t see professional photographs as just pixels, I see them as art, and think they should be treated as such.  Your images deserve to hang on your walls to enjoy everyday or be preserved in albums for reflection.  I remember sitting with my family when I was young pouring through old family albums.  It’s a wonderful family memory and brought us together.  It wouldn’t be the same with us all huddled around a cell phone screen.  Your future generations want to know what life was like, and who you were.  You can give them that with printed product.  If you value heirloom art, then we will be a wonderful match!  

I also especially love lifestyle and documentary photography.   Photographing a glimpse into everyday life translates an emotion, and story unlike any other type of session.  The best moments are not posed.  They are the true reactions that come from contact with each other through all the senses.

Oh, and I’m kind of a goofball with the kids.  I’ll do whatever I can to connect with them and make them laugh.  If I need to have an epic dinosaur battle or a tea party with your child before starting the session so they warm up to me, then lets do it.  In some cases I may need to do my silly tushy dance for the hard crowd, but hey, I do what I gotta do!

Contact me today, and lets start making some memories!


Granger Community Church’s C Magazine 2014 edition

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  1. I’ve been following your work since having my daughter in January. You’re fantastic, keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Absolutely LOVE the new website, congratulations to you! I love looking at the pictures you take with all of the little details and the way you use the light to bring the scene to life. I hope this allows more families to be able to have you provide them a “living memory” that they can cherish forever!

  3. I have enjoyed seeing your work. So pretty. I love how you capture personality in your clients. I hope someday to have you take some pictures of my husband and I. 🙂

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Pricing And Session Information


Your photo session truly is an investment.  Photographs are passed and shared through generations.  They become windows into the past, aid in genealogy,  and serve as reminders and reflections of moments captured!

Prices listed are for the photographers service, and are due at time of booking.  The service fee includes time and talent of the photographer from first contact, to delivery and satisfaction of your printed art. Packages, digital files, and A la Carte items are available for purchase at your personalized view and order session.  A La Carte items start at $75.   Please contact me for a full pricing menu.  I would love to speak to you!



  • Pre-consultation
  • approx. 3 hour session
  • All props included
  • Personal view and order session

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Family, Kids, Maternity


  • Pre-consultation
  • 1-1.5  hour session
  • Personal view and order session

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Baby milestone 


  • For kids 3 months to 1 years
  • Pre-consultation
  • 20-30  minute session
  • Personal view and order session

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*Add a smash cake to a session for $50

*Add Hair and Makeup to a session for $50

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